lsa international

design junction 2018

One thing AMD is  proud of is the long term relationships we have with our clients and subsequently friends. LSA International, and its owners Monika and Mark, are the longest running.

We were delighted to be asked to collaborate with LSA to produce this Design Junction installation. With the brief ‘empathy’ and a blank canvas, we have portrayed this by showcasing not only LSA’s design understanding, aesthetics and functionality but also the handmade qualities used throughout their range. Inspiration for the installation was taken from the glass-making process and the tools used to skilfully sculpt each piece. The pieces are mounted onto rods, representative of the blowing rods used to blow the glass. These are interspersed with vertical rays of light illuminating the unique quality that hand-making brings to each piece. The layout allows the visitor to take a journey through this carefully curated collection of iconic, award winning and new inspirational LSA pieces demonstrating the company’s heritage, excellence and forward thinking.

Through this installation we hope to bring a level of understanding and appreciation of the design, skill and craftsmanship required to make each piece by hand: to create an object that is valued and adds to your experience of living.