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Retail Round-up  |  January 2021

Andrew Martin  |  26 January 2021
Retail news is currently dominated by collapsing retailers. But it’s not all doom and gloom, if you take a closer look…⁠
Innovative brand directors are still very keen to invest in physical retail spaces, they’ll just look a bit different to what we’ve seen from many brands to date. Expect in-house coffee shops, ever-changing installations or even an escape room. ⁠
Read our retail round up to find out more, or see how this is done in practise via our Shop at Bluebird case study. 
1. The Future of Physical Retail
Brand executives explain why they’re still investing in new store locations that are complete with coffee bars and art installations for the post-pandemic landscape…
Source: Vogue Business

2. Inspiring Independents 2020 
Drapers Inspiring Independents celebrates the success, creativity and survival across the sector during the coronavirus crisis and beyond…
Source: Drapers Online

3. Retail sales may look bad, but don’t write off the high street yet 
Hearing that UK retail sales suffered their largest annual fall in history in 2020 might be enough to make some investors consider checking out of physical stores entirely…
Source: Evening Standard