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Shopkeeping: an art worth reviving

Andrew Martin  |  29 January 2021
Something I really value is good old-fashioned shop keeping, which seems to be a lost art for some of the larger retailers. ⁠Whilst a smile might not have the same reach as a digital marketing campaign, the impact of good service can last far longer.
With this in mind, I believe that service, or shopkeeping, will be hugely important to post Covid bricks and mortar retailing. Simply because it’s one major aspect of ‘experience’ that simply can’t be replicated online – and it keeps customers coming back.
Independent shops tend to get it. The Hambledon in Winchester is a particularly good example. After two visits, the shop keeper greeted me by name. He also remembered what I brought during my last visits and suggested new items I might like based on the previous sales. ⁠
Now, I go back to The Hambledon 2-3 times a year to discover what I didn’t know I can’t live without! Whilst I understand this approach is far harder for larger retailers, it could be replicated by good use of tech to enable a more personalised service. 
Yes, the post Covid world is daunting, but it needn’t be overly complicated. Keeping experience – and how you make a customer feel – should always be a focus.