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Retail Round-up  |  February 2021

Andrew Martin  |  3rd March 2021
From conscious consumerism, to cashier-less stores and “Amazon-tax”, there are lots of things changing in the world of retail. And with change, comes huge opportunity. With set dates for the reopening of stores, it’s time to move from predictions to planning of how we get our high streets back up and running. ⁠
See our retail news highlights from February for a quick snap shot of some of the most interesting progressions.
1. What will city centres look like post-Covid?
What will city centres look like post-covid? Julia Poulter, partner at Lewis Silkin / founder of The Collective says that amended planning legislation “has paved the way to make it easier for brands to transform London stores into hybrid locations incorporating restaurants or brand museums.”
Source: Vogue Business
Image credit: Vogue Business

2. What would an “Amazon tax” mean for UK retail?
Would an “Amazon-Tax” really level the playing field for struggling retailers? No, according to Marcel Hollerbach, CMO at Productsup “The focus needs to be on creating an industry where ecommerce and physical retail can work together more seamlessly, rather than throwing up barriers to trade and commerce.”
Source: Retail Gazette
Image credit: Unsplash

3. The Future of Retail in 2021
“Resilient retailers will look to technology and experiences to meet customers’ needs.” In this climate, an omnichannel approach is not just a trend – it’s essential for survival. Download Shopify’s latest report for a detailed forecast of retail in 2021.
Source: Shopify
Image credit: Shopify

 4. £5bn fund to help High Street recover from Covid 
Finally, good news for those most hard hit. “A £5bn scheme for High Street shops and hospitality firms in England has been unveiled, with Rishi Sunak promising more support to come for the economy.”
Source: BBC News
Image credit: Unsplash