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Retail Round-up  |  March 2021

Andrew Martin  |  6th April 2021
We hope everyone had a great Easter break, which finished on a real high with Boris’s confirmation that retail can open on 12th April! As we prepare to get back to physical retailing, technology will continue to play a key role in the way we shop. This months curated retail news gives us an insight into what to expect from the world of technology and retail – from Burberry’s first social retail store in Shenzhen to ‘searchendising’ and hyper-personalisation.


1. The Magic Of Tech: The Latest Digital Trends And What They Mean For Retail And Gaming
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is powering new product discovery platforms to deliver enhanced site search, analytics and hyper-personalized online shopping journeys, based on consumer needs around product look, feel and function.

Source: Forbes
Image: Forbes

2. Is augmented reality shopping the future of retail?
Independent designers, like those featured in Machine-A’s store, are particularly in need of new solutions to get in front of customers following the impact of the pandemic and slow rebounds.
Source: Vogue Business
Image credit: Vogue Business

3. Shopify boss Harley Finkelstein predicts post Covid physical retail revival
“You need to be able to sell everywhere from TikTok to Pinterest to a physical store and understand the different customers and merchandising needs between platforms.”
Source: RTIH (Retail Technology Innovation Hub)
Image credit: Unsplash

 4. 14 examples of digital technology in retail stores 
After the shock of the coronavirus on brick-and-mortar retail, stores have to work harder than ever to compete with each other, and with consumers’ increased appetite for e-commerce. One way of doing this is to use technology to create immersive experiences that will encourage consumers back in-store as the world reopens.
Source: econsultancy.com
Image credit: Burberry