Jigsaw | Ilkley

Smaller space, same impact, modest budget.  

AMD has been working with Jigsaw since we launched in 1999. From flagship stores to smaller shops, we’ve continuously created spaces with a ’boutique’ feel. 
IIkley, although one of the smallest stores we’ve completed for Jigsaw, came with an interesting set of challenges which required us to think creatively. Our brief was to create a modern, simple Jigsaw within a small space. We were also asked to keep spend to an absolute minimum to make the store as commercially viable as possible.


Our philosophy at AMD is “mend and make beautiful.” By this, we mean to work with whatever natural materials the space already has where possible. Not only do we believe this creates an honest and interesting atheistic, it can also be an incredibly cost-effective way of working – not to mention a more sustainable one.

“AMD’s main strength is their ability to listen to and come up with innovative and fresh new ideas to suit the client’s requirements. In a world where almost everything has been tried before I don’t know how they do this, but they do!”

Colin Bryant, Property Director – Jigsaw
Through a building survey, we revealed elements of the original shell which we could re-use and expand at very little cost. This  included T&G panelling and original timber flooring, which gave the space a very English feel. 
Most notably, we created a cost effective, graphic-led feature wall. Lastly, we designed bespoke fixtures and fittings to finish the store with simplicity. 

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