LSA International | designjunction 2018

Storytelling through Installation

LSA International have been loyal clients of AMD’s since the beginning. We’ve worked together for more than 20 years on exhibitions, promotions and events – including designjunction 2018, where we were tasked to transform a blank exhibition space into a meaningful installation for 27,000 visitors.


LSA International has a rich, 50-year history designing and creating handmade glassware. Made to “enhance the modern environment,” they combine a love of contemporary design with traditional craftsmanship, resulting in decorative objects which stand the test of time.

“Our brief was to tell the story of their hand-making process, as well as the timelessness of their pieces throughout history. Our challenge was to find a singular concept which answered this brief in a simple yet impactful way.”

Andrew Martin – AMD
To begin, we researched the art of hand blowing glass. As a result, we were able to design a form which visually referenced blowing rods (tools used to sculpt and shape glass). We designed the rods to act as plinths to present the glassware at eye level. To further nod to the industrial making process, we constructed the entire frame using raw steel. We then carefully added lighting to illuminate each product like a piece of art.
Image credit: LSA International
The linear frame allowed us to showcase LSA’s older design classics through to new ranges like a timeline. This allowed us to visually highlight the longevity of their designs and consistent high level of craftsmanship. Amidst more traditional exhibition stands featuring high-end furniture, the result was an intriguing installation which told LSA’s brand story by inviting interaction and conversation.

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